[EN] Auto add mp3s in a folder to an iTunes playlist

If you’d like to automatically get songs from mp3 blogs to discover new music without pain and you’d like to automatically add them to a pre-defined playlist in iTunes when the download ends, so you have just to fire up iTunes and click “Play”, well.. this tip is the right solution for you!

You need:
– a way to automatically get mp3s from blogs or from whatever else (see below);
iTunes for Mac.


For the download part, I personally use the free beta of Peel, a sort of mp3 blogs client that permits you to subscribe mp3 blogs exactly like you do with your podcasts, but also the nice script described in the post titled “MP3 Blogs and wget” by Jeffrey Venn should work fine.

If you go for Peel, you will have all music in folders like:

/Users/eldino/Music/Podcasts/PEEL/Motel Moka
/Users/eldino/Music/Podcasts/PEEL/Music for robots


As you see, you will have one new folder for every new blog you will subscribe to and Peel will download there the mp3s (a nice list of urls to start from is available at: http://musicblogwiki.elwiki.com/Music_Blog_Directory).

For the auto-add part, I did an applescript that points to an Automator workflow: the first one goes to your “Folder Action Script” folder (something like: /Users/eldino/Library/Scripts/Folder Action Scripts), while the second goes whatever you want. Ok, let’s start!

1) By default, the “eldino’s AA2P-Folder-Action” workflow adds the mp3s to a  pre-made playlist called “AA2P” (Auto Add To Playlist): this playlist must be manually created inside iTunes before beginning the game.


2) After you created the playlist, start Automator and drag the “eldino’s AA2P-Folder-Action.app” on its icon on the Dock: Automator will now show you the “internals” of my workflow: you can leave them by default or modify them for your needs (by changing the name of the playlist or the Growl notification, for example!).


3) If you change the workflow, Save it; then “File -> Save as Plug-In -> Folder Action”: give it a name and save it in the “Folder Action Script” mentioned above; then link it to your first mp3 folder.


4) Now go to your other mp3 folders, right-click on them (or ctrl-click), and add/configure them to use the AA2P script.


5) Test the game moving or copying a mp3 file to one of your mp3 folders: if all went good, 1 second after the move/copy process ends, the aa2p workflow starts and pop up in the Dock: when it disappears, check your playlist in iTunes and see the magic! 🙂

(* Originally written of macosxhints.com. The workflow is downloadable from this page: http://www.macosxhints.com/article.php?story=20070301051316596. *)



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