[EN] iTunes 7.0 and pearLyrics (complete)

These tips have been published on macosxhints.com some months ago. Since then, I lost my 400GB external hard disk (f*cking Packard Bell!) and I replaced it with a MacPower Pleiades USB 2.0&FW400 enclosure bundled with a Seagate 500 Gb hard drive. Dudes, this is the sexiest enclosure ever, I love it =) And 500 Gb just for my music are simply wonderful =) 170 Gb free at the moment…

Tip #1:
I actually use iTunes with two different libraries, that reside respectively in “Music/iTunes” folder (for the music i have on my laptop HD) and “Music/iTunes_400GB” folder for the music I have on my external usb HD. If you want to use pearLyrics on the second library, you have to rename “iTunes_400GB” to “iTunes” before to run pearLyrics because it seems to be only capable to read the library residing into “Music/iTunes”.


Tip #2:
If you have your mp3s on an external hard drive but you haven’t internet connection at home, you can still get lyrics for them without bring that HD with you! Here the method I use:
1) connect your Mac to Internet (i use my iBook + a free hotspot);
2) open iTunes (if you use multiple libraries, check Tip #1 before to proceed): don’t care about the “!” that will compare near the titles of your tracks, you are not going to listen to them;
3) do a playlist, name it “No Lyrics” or whatever else, and put the tracks you need lyrics for in it;
4) open pearLyrics, select the “No Lyrics” playlist and run it: pearLyrics will search the lyrics for you and it will save them as text files in the “/Users/[YourUserName]/Library/Application Support/pearLyrics/lyrics” folder;
5) when pearLyrics ends its job, close it;
6) when you go back to home, plug your external hard drive and wait until it mounts on the desktop;
7) open iTunes (if you closed it) and load the same library you loaded at point #2;
8. open pearLyrics and run it again on the “No Lyrics” playlist: now pearLyrics will write the lyrics it found & saved when you were connected inside the mp3s (Lyrics tag);
9) when pearLyrics ends its job, you can read the lyrics in the “Show Information -> Lyrics tab” (select the track, Command+I on it, “Lyrics” tab);
10) Enjoy your new & free karaoke toy =)


1) I’m an italian user, so I apologize for my bad english =)
2) pearLyrics works good with correctly-tagged music (no “unknows artist – AudioTrack09.mp3” kind of stuff…), so tag your music before use it !!! Tagging is nice!
3) pearLyrics can access to a big quantity of lyrics, but probably it will not work for your ’30s Turkmenistan folk music collection =) If you need miracles, you have to install the pearLourdes app =) or use the nice Google-search for “[ArtistName] lyrics” keywords =)

I hope these tips help you ūüôā



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