[EN] Some funny quotes 1 =)

I read daily a lot of italian and english forums, and sometimes I stumble upon some tender/funny things like these.
Plus, some suffer of “fanboyism”, so I apologize to Linux/Windows users around here =)

“I think it is important to realize that most people do not want to know how it works. People do not want the “valuable education” that a linux install brings. They have other tasks in mind when they go to a computer. In fact it could be said that your job as a software engineer is to make sure they never have to think about “how it works” so that they can spend more time thinking about how they work.”
(mason.kramer, 05-18-2007)

“[About GIMP] Seriously I have never understood people’s fascination with this program and why it keeps getting trotted out as a photoshop alternative. If it was a commercial product no one would buy it.”
(elppa, 05-17-2007)

“Ubuntu (and any other Linux) is cool at first but the coolness quickly wears off once you realize you have to download and install extra software just to do about anything, and you constantly have to tap into the online communities to figure even the simplest tasks out. Lots and lots of toil and effort on your part just getting the damn system to do anything productive.”
(dpaanlka, 05-25-2007)

“[Ubuntu?] Sorry…..any OS that requires another dl for something as simple as playing a DVD isn’t for me.”
(skinnylegs, 05-25-2007)

“I like to do computer work; not work on my computer. That’s why I use a Mac.”

“I don’t give a fsck”

“Steve Jobs said: ‘We think basically you watch television to turn your brain off, and you work on your computer when you want to turn your brain on.'”

“My reasons for using OS X are more substantial than: ‘it’s just so cool and refined’: instant-wake from sleep, a native POSIX OS, high performance, minimal security worries, a plethora of open-source applications, all running seamlessly with Photoshop and other commercial products without a sizable performance penalty from anti-virus software. Why wouldn’t I use it?”

“[Windows] Vista is a fading theme park with a few new rides, lots of patched-up old ones and bored kids in desperate need of adult supervision running things”
(Stephen Manes, for Forbes magazine).

“Vista? I really can?t grasp the fact how you can spend six years and come up with this?!?! There simply is no innovation, nothing, nada, it?s the same old thing, only you need a faster PC to run it.”

“‘And we love them because they’re all customers!’ said Jobs about Microsoft employees working on Zune who use the iPod.” (Steve Jobs met Bill Gates at D conference, 2007)

“I am very serious when I say that I would rather purchase a apple box with nothing in it than a PC. There would be far less headaches associated with the box.”




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