[EN] My Ideal iTunes-based Music Server

As you see from the following image, actually I own:
– an iBook G4 1,33 512MB, that I use to do everything (scripting, music,  graphics, text etc..);
– a FW400+USB2 external enclosure made by MacPower (http://www.macpower.com.tw/) with a 500Gb Seagate hard disk inside, that I use only to store music.


The problem of my actual setup is that, since iTunes has not been designed to handle music libraries bigger than 40-50GB, it slows down a lot my iBook when it manages my 270+ GB library, and so, while I listen to music, I can’t work agreeably with Photoshop and similar software. That’s why I think that it could be nice to use the CPU and RAM resources of a Mac Mini for iTunes instead of the resources of my iBook. The Mac Mini could easily acts as iTunes server and manage my big and fast-growing music library.

In detail, I’d like to add to my actual setup the following things (see image):
– one Mac MIni (Intel), also second-hand, on which i’d do a fresh install of Mac OS X Tiger, and that i’d plug to the external hard disk via Firewire and to the iBook via LAN cable; from the iBook I could remote-control the copy of iTunes who runs on the Mac Mini through VNC (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virtual_Network_Computing) or through another remote desktop solution, without slowing down my laptop, since iTunes effectively use the Mac Mini power to do the job; obviously, the Mac Mini is connected to my 2.1 audio system by Logitech;
– eventually, I could add more external hard disks just daisy-chaining (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Firewire) them and expand in this way the whole storage capacity of my system


I’d go for the Mac Mini because:
– it’s small and it needs few space on the desk;
– it’s beautiful (and tender ;-p);
– it doesn’t consume so much energy;
– it has everything I need by default (iTunes, Firewire etc.. );
– it’s Apple!

Obviously, I’d use it without monitor and exclusively remotely. Cool ah?
And when I don’t use it, I can put it in “stop” mode (and conseguentially also the connected disks go in stop) and wake it up when I need music!
I hope that Apple will upgrade the Mac Minis soon, they are still stuck with Core Duo cpu. I want the faster cpu available, because I’d like to use it for some years without problems.




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