[EN] How-to download many good free mp3s from MySpace in a simple way

In my continuous research of good free (free as in freedom) music on the Web, I always complained about the fact I can’t download easily the enormous quantity of mp3s that many interesting new bands upload on their Myspace pages.


Myspace, you know, is a community that everyone can join (you have just to register and login); on Myspace every member owns a “space”, that, in the case he/she is a musician, he/she can use it to share his/her music with the world. But this community has a strong handicap: every page is full of embedded stuff, photos, animations and other Flash craps, that make the web surfing a pain. All this stuff needs an enormous number of CPU cycles, too many for my PowerPC G4 processor, so, since I have any intention to upgrade my iBook notebook just because of Myspace webdesigners and market experts’s bad work, i decided some time ago to stop surfin’ on Myspaces. That was a sad decision for me, because Myspace is full of good music made by new artists and bands and it’s just there, ready to be downloaded and copied on your iPods for free.
But, recently I stumbled upon MyspaceMP3 (http://www.myspacemp3.org/), a minimal site that just works as promised: you write in the only text field of the page the name of the band/artist you are interested in and MyspaceMP3 will provide you the list of ALL the mp3s of that artist/band, ready to be downloaded with a simple right-click. Useful, doesn’t it?


The only problem is that after every download, you have to refresh the list clickin on the “Get Songs” button. It’s not really a problem anyway 🙂
To test the service, you can write “patrizialaquidara” in MyspaceMP3 field: you will get 4 mp3s by a talented italian female singer that my iTunes likes a lot these days 🙂
What we need now is a good site interested into cataloguing the best Myspace artists for us, like Phlow (http://www.phlow.de/netlabels/index.php/New_Netlabel_Releases) does with the netlabels releases. Or does It exist and I don’t know about it?

MyspaceMP3: http://www.myspacemp3.org/
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com


(* 14/11/2007 update: MySpaceMp3 doesn’t work more. Use File2HD (http://www.file2hd.com) instead. Enjoy! *)

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