[EN] Today’s Best Five Myspace Bands (20th August 2007)

Follow the tutorial I posted on this blog before (How-to download many good free mp3s from MySpace in a simple way) to get without hassle all the mp3s of these artists.

enricoenicola (acoustic rock/pop, 70s influenced, italian lyrics).
stileakailnemico (rap from South-Italy, italian lyrics).
pecksniff (acoustic rock/folk, english lyrics).
patrizialaquidara (jazz, pop, italian lyrics).
djgodfather76 (ghetto-tech, english lyrics).

If you don’t like single mp3s floating inside your iTunes library, just group all the mp3s by the same band and tag their “Album” tag as “<bandname>’s Myspace Sampler” (es. Dj Godfather’s Myspace Sampler). This tip will useful as well to easy group (searching “Myspace” in iTunes search field or via smart playlists) all the artists you got from Myspace 🙂 Enjoy all this good, free and legal music 🙂




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