[EN] iTunes: how-to use the “Artist Album” tag to improve the tagging procedure of your compilations

So guys, you have got a nice compilation titled “Troopa Droopa Summer Mix 2007” and made of 12 nice tracks, that look like:

01 Micheal Jacuzzi – Gimme Shower or Bath.mp3
02 John Michelangelo – Donatello Rocks.mp3
03 Ninja Nipples – Spidermon is not a Pokemon.mp3
… etc

You import it into you iTunes library, you select all its tracks, right click, Show Info, Compilation: “Yes” and you click “Ok”. From now all these tracks, also if they are composed by different artists, will be considered by iTunes as part of the same, unique album (that’s exactly what we humans know as “compilation”), and sorting you library for “Album” name and activating the Coverflow or the album views, you will see the benefits of this tip.


But what’s up if the same compilation is a selection of tracks made up by a famous Dj, as for example “Dj TagMyAss”, and that the same compilation is listed inside Dj TagMyAss’s official discography and on Discogs (http://www.discogs.com)?
As you know, Dj TagMyAss does his own songs as well and you have got all his albums, so, searchin’ for “Dj TagMyAss” inside your iTunes library you’d like to see the “Troopa Droopa Summer Mix 2007” in the results.
There are two ways to accomplish this:
1) you could change the title of the compilation from “Troopa Droopa Summer Mix 2007” to “Dj TagMyAss’s Troopa Droopa Summer Mix 2007”;
2) you could insert “Dj TagMyAss” into the “Album Artist” tag.


What’s the difference between these two methods? The first method is compatible also with the few software that doesn’t support “Artist Album” tag yet, but it gonna modify the real name of the album, so can’t be considered exactly as a “correct method”.
The second method works as good as the first one without modify anything, so what’s the method to choice? 😀
So, summing up: select again all the tracks of the compilation, right click, Show Info, write the right thing inside the “Artist Album” tag and click “Ok”.
Happy tagging 🙂


(* The various artist names, albums and songs titles quoted in this post are casual. So don’t search them on p2p 😀 *)



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