[EN] First DAAP Party – 26-27 October 2007, Florence (Italy)

If you don’t know yet what’s a DAAP Party is, read the following posts before proceed:
– “DAAP! DA..what??” [1]
– “Do you want to promote some Creative Commons music? Organize a nice DAAP Party!” [2]
– “DAAP Party Diagram” [3]

Now that you have an idea of what I’m talking about, I can invite you the the First Italian DAAP Party 🙂 Here the coordinates to come 🙂

26th October 2007, from 11.30 to 12.30: talk (in italian) titled:  “Creative commons and netlabels: a general view on the free music“;
26th October 2007, from 17:00 to 19.00:  DAAP Party.
27th Ottober, from 11:00 to 13:00:  DAAP Party.

Florence, Palazzina Lorenese, Saletta C (50mt near main Florence train station, Santa Maria Novella station). More info at the following link (click on english version) [4].

Takin part to the events is free, but you have to subscribe first at the following link  [5].
If you’d like to take part to the DAAP Party, please bring with you your a notebook with wifi chip and a pair of headphones. Install yourself a DAAP-compatible software before come. All the DAAP-compatible players available are listed in the following image. If you want just to listen the shared music, iTunes is enough. If you want to share your music as well, please install other software.

The kinds of music you can share are:
a demotape by your band;
– music downloaded from Jamendo;
– your favourite netlabels releases;
– your djsets made up only by free music (as Creative Commons music, netlabel releases etc..);
– other similar stuff.

I will be there 26 and 27, so don’t esitate to ask me things 🙂 My english is crappy but I will happy to talk with you about free music, Creative Commons, netlabels and other similar stuff 🙂

See you there, then 🙂 For more infos, drop me an email or leave a comment here!

[1] https://eldino.wordpress.com…daap-dawhat-daap-dache-cosa/
[2] https://eldino.wordpress.com…organize-a-nice-daap-party/
[3] https://eldino.wordpress.com/…party-diagram-diagramma-per-un-daap-party/
[4] Info about the event: http://www.quifree.it
[5] Subscription form: http://www.festivaldellacreativita.it/index.jsp?id_categoria=1413




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