[EN] How-to listen music using iTunes without adding anything to its library (Mac)

You know, iTunes is a damn great music player/manager, but you are always forced to add stuff to you library before being able to listen to it. This makes iTunes a un-comfortable choice for casual music listeners.

Imagine you have a folder full of misc mp3s to listen, but you don’t want to fuck up your nicely ordered iTunes library, how can you do this? It’s simple!

Here the steps (Mac only):

1. download MusicPublisher [1], a little freeware app made by Tynsoe, the Author of the great GeekTool [2];


2. install and load it: you’d see the following window;


3. just drag& drop the folder with your mp3s into the box on the left and click “Publish”: the process will be instant o will take some seconds, depending by how much your folder is big in size;

4. load iTunes: you’d see a new shared music folder, click on it to browse and listen to it 🙂


5. by default, the name of the shared folder is the name of the folder you drag&drop in MusicPublisher, but you can change it; if any shared folder appears, try clickin on “Settings” and changing the port from 3689 to 3690.

That’s all!
The secret under the magic of MusicPublisher is the DAAP Protocol [3], but this implementation permits an on-the-fly usage, that is really cool 🙂 Enjoy!

Ah, MusicPublisher window can’t be minimized to the dock, so if you don’t want to see it floating on you screen, try hiding it (Apple+H).

[1] Tynsoe’s MusicPublisher: http://projects.tynsoe.org/en/musicpublisher/
[2] GeekTool: http://projects.tynsoe.org/en/geektool
[3] Ricerca DAAP: https://eldino.wordpress.com/?s=daap



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