[EN] Netlabels: How-to add the release code to album title tag in batch mode using iTunes (Mac) and some Doug’s Applescripts for iTunes

What you need:
– a netlabel catalogue converted into an iTunes-compliant format (MP3, AAC, MP4..);
iTunes for Mac;
– the following Doug’s Applescripts for iTunes installed: “Sundry Info to Comment“, “Search/Replace Tag Text” and “Put This Before That“.

The goal:
This is the batch method I use to add the release code before the title name in the tags of my netlabel music. My goal is to replace every

Album Title


[RELxxx] Album Title

so I can sort/recognize conveniently all my netlabel music inside my big music library.

The tutorial:
Before starting, please organize the gerachy of folders of your netlabel following the scheme: netlabel name or url / release_code.


Then add the whole netlabel folder (ex. thinner.cc) inside iTunes and follow these simple 6 steps 🙂

Before running the script, select all the songs you wanna work on (CMD+A to select all the files).

Sundry Info to Comment -> parent folder

ELDINO250GB:Da Ordinare-musica:_netlabels:_dvd1:4channelrecords.com:4CR003:

Sort by comment


Search/Replace Tag Text -> Comments ->
Replace ELDINO250GB:Da Ordinare-musica:_netlabels:_dvd1:4channelrecords.com:
with [


Search/Replace Tag Text -> Comments -> Replace : with ]


Put This Before That -> Comments to Album -> “Delete Data in Comments aftwrward” as you want

[4CR001] – When Robots Dream
[4CR002] – deMolishor

Search/Replace Tag Text -> Album -> Replace “] – ” with “] “

[4CR001] When Robots Dream
[4CR002] deMolishor




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