[EN] Netaudio Diagrams: November 2008

Since this post (english version here thx to embe ;)) I fixed many genre tags inside my library (“Electronic” was a too much generic tag in the most of the cases), I wrote a custom Bash script to do the iTunes Lbrary.xml to CSV conversion and I did some diagrams using Apple Numbers.

The diagrams and the tables are based on my personal library of 43.057 netaudio tracks (316 Gb) and they are very accurate. Anyway, I promise you I will keep finetuning the datas for the next diagrams (I want to reduce that “Misc” value).

I wrote a custom Bash script to retrieve datas because the Songbird plugin I used before (called Metrics) has not been ported to Songbird 7.0 yet, and because my script+Numbers combo is a lot faster and more customizable than Songbird+Metrics combo.

Ok, I wrote enough shit ūüôā Give a look to the diagrams and leave a comment ūüėČ

Download the whole document as PDF.

A nice discussion about these stats is born on Phlow Magazine. Click here to read it.


8 Responses to [EN] Netaudio Diagrams: November 2008

  1. […] he really listened already to all that music ūüėČ So, if you’re interested in some statistics, beam yourself to Italy and have a look. and tell us: What do you think about his research and its […]

  2. In Vitro ha detto:

    good job, kind regards

  3. eldino ha detto:

    @in vitro: thx you for comment and post ūüėČ kind regards to u tho ūüėČ

  4. quinton stenson ha detto:

    Not a bad little site. Lots of relevant information. Some interesting stuff to tryout.
    Must try that latest demo.
    Good luck

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  7. […] because it shows nearly the same results I got using my iTunes Library + custom script (read here: Netaudio Diagrams: November 2008). In this tag cloud there is no iTunes involved, but just audio tracks + Last.fm user-submitted […]

  8. […] Gb mark, that means a lot of lovely, free and legal music Now.. two years are passed since last Netaudio Diagrams, so I decided to do some statistics based on my library again, because I was really curious to know […]


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