[EN] Dead Netlabels List – Tons of good free music that are no more online or in abandon state :(

Yeah, netlabels die like humans and they disappear from their world (the Net). I download netlabel music since 4-5 years and since I started, many netlabels stopped operating (some are still available via Internet Archive or via Scene.org). Here a list of what you lost, if you are new on the scene:


From Last.fm “Exegene [was] an independent netlabel set up in 2004 to promote the works of unsigned drum’n’bass and jungle artists worldwide. It used to release just 2-tracks EPs“. Their last release is xgn032. All the releases are still downloadable from its Internet Archive page.


From Wikipedia: “Hellven is a music group and netlabel involved with the demoscene. Founded in 1998 by Xavier Dang (aka “mv”), the group has showcased the work of many popular artists in the scene“. It had lot of relaunches but these didn’t save it from the death. Their first mod releases are available on Scene.org (release code: hv001,hv002 etc). The more recent ones (release code: HLV00, HLV01..) are not more available online.


I talked about Kikapu’s death many months ago (in this post in italian). I can’t still believe that a great ambient and IDM netlabel like Kikapu, one of the oldest ones, has closed his doors. Luckily, all the 109 releases are still downloadable from the site or directly from Internet Archive. Grab them until you have time.

On-Li Music

On-Li Music was a damn good electronic music netlabel from Japan. The site is still up but all the releases have been removed and as far I know, they are not more available anywhere. This is a bad loss 😦 I loved Isanoid‘s EPs (a mix of electronic atmospheres and tribal-world percussions). The last release i own is [on-li 016].

Paris Dub Activitys

From Phlow: “ParisDubActivitys is a French netLabel who his main goal is to make french underground dub music accessible to many peoples“. PDA is a damn great dub-only netlabel guys but it doesn’t publish anything new since 2006, so I guess it’s dead (their pdadub.net domain has expired) :(( They published lot of high-quality dub music in the past that is still available on their site, so check em out as soon as you can.


From Rateyourmusic: “Tulipesä is a short-lived free netlabel imprint, mostly used to release exclusive archival recordings and digital reissues of rare CD-R’s“. This netlabel used to publish lot of jazz and world stuff. I loved the band “Transkaakko” and their “[Tuli10] Alku” release. Tulipesa published 12 releases before die and I own em all. All these releases are not more available online, except some Transkaakko stuff from their official site.

I guess there are many other dead netlabels out there, so if you know one of these that is not in the list, please leave a comment 🙂 Thx!


3 Responses to [EN] Dead Netlabels List – Tons of good free music that are no more online or in abandon state :(

  1. embe ha detto:

    Netwaves had also some dead netlabels covered in their ‘All saints’ emission: Rest in peace:


  2. CP McDill ha detto:

    Chenard Walcker’s Free Sample Zone is apparently dead. The homepage is defunct, but the Internet Archive page is still there. Chenard Walcker suffered a diabetic coma several years ago, and lost a lot of his cognitive function. It is unclear if he will recover enough to return to making and sharing music.


  3. eldino ha detto:

    @embe: thx

    @ CP McDill: woah, i didnt know! shocking! thx for sharing this news! I didnt know that netlabel tho.


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