[EN] Exclusive interview to Dubkrauz from Coda Netlabel (Spain)


It’s time to introduce you to Coda Netlabel, guys 🙂 Coda is a brand new netlabel from Spain, that has already got 3 releases in its catalogue (check the brand new [CODA003] release here)! As far I listened, Coda seems very promising, at least if you are into IDM or dubbish techno! Anyway, I got in touch with Dubkrauz, Coda’s admin, and I asked him some questions: he is a cool dude and replied me in a very interesting and nice way 🙂 Check the interview and enjoy reading 😉

1. Hi Dubkrauz and welcome on “il blog di eldino”! 🙂 Can you tell me something about yourself?

Hi eldino. Very pleased to participate in your incredible blog. Netaudio scene needs this kind of userful and powerful info as you provide to all of us. My name is Nacho (aka Dubkrauz), and I’m always very closed to the music. I’m musician since I can remember…. playing different styles, and lately full-oriented to electronic music. One year ago I started my last project as Dubkrauz (http://www.myspace.com/dubkrauz) focused in minimal and dub techno. In the following weeks my first EP will be released in Nulogic, an Spanish netlabel.

2. How and when was your project “Coda Netlabel” born in your mind?

Since I started with Dubkrauz’s project, I was convinced to extend it with a new idea always in the same way I like to work: Creative Commons licence. So, six months ago I started all the procedures to lauch the project and finally, one month ago Coda netlabel was launched.

3. How and when did you approach the netlabel scene? Are you a netaudio music and creatice commons-licensed music listener in your extra-Coda time?

At the same time I started Dubkrauz project, I discovered the netlabel scene and I falled in love of all the things that netaudio scene includes!!! And of course, I’m a very CC music listener. I’m convinced there are lots of incredible stuff out there….

4. Why did you decided to put so much time and effort into Coda Netlabel? What netlabels do you appreciate more in the scene? What netlabels are source of inspiration for you?

Because I considered a very usfeul way to spend my time, jeje. Trying to launch new and veterans producers… as someone launched me.. something like giving back all they gave me…  My favourite netlabels are: Nulogic, Offaudio, Antiritmo, Inoquo, Load and Clear, addSensor….. almost all Spanish as you see… Nulogic is the main inspiration to launch the project, while Inoquo has a lot of incredible music….. And others…. I would need 100 pages to continue…. the best thing in netaudio scene it is the friendship between all of us, even with someone new as Coda netlabel. It’s incredible!

5. In your opinion, what’s the differences (in terms of originality, innovation and creativity) between Coda and the other netlabels, if any? What’s the strengh/killer features of Coda? Is Coda an one-man-project or do you have some collaborators (musicians, webdesigners..)?

There is not any big difference.. We are not lookin for to be different or uniques, we only want to release good stufff. That’s it. Coherence in our style. Every EP will be IDM or techno, nothing else. The main activities are managed by me, but there are some collaborators for artwork.

6. 1 million dollars question: do you think that the netlabels could become the evolution of the traditional music biz? Or do you think that the netlabels will rest an underground/niche reality because the lack of a proper way to make money in respect of both fans and artists? Do you think that netlabels play a central role in the so-called “Music 2.0” phenomenon (a modern, digital and web-based way to distribute music) or do you think that platforms like Beatpicks or eMusic will kick netlabels ass?

I’m sure that netlabels will grow a lot during next years. I convinced that when netlabels will become more known among the people, netlabels will have the place we deserve.  However, i dont think netlabels will change a lot the music biz, but we, netlabels,  will change certain ways of thinking in music creation and distribution.  Ah!!! Netlabels = Music 2.0. Sure

7. What about the relationship between you and the artists who publish their works on your netlabel? Do you contact em or do they contact you? Do you promote just the indie music that comes from your city/region/country (local approach) or don’t you care a fuck about artists’ nationality (global approach)?

Both. Some of them are contacted by us, because we consider their stuff as proper for Coda netlabel, and we are receiving works by artist interested in participate in our project. About the second question,  also both. The main power of this kind of labels is the global approach, and therefore we dont care about where the artist comes from, we only care about music. However, if there are artist close to us, also we try to give them an opportunity to launch their stuff easily that looking for themselves.

8. Do you apply some quality filters to the music you are gonna publish or do you just publish everything you put your hands on? If you apply quality filters, how do you do it? What parametres do you consider?

Yes, it’s crucial to select the music. I dont think a good way to launch every single track we receive. First of all, music must fit the style of Coda netlabel. We are focused in a double way: techno and IDM, not more. This is our first filter. Second, and basic, quality of sound. Of course we are not looking for a sound pro, we know very well who are our artist and the small possibilities to have access to an pro mastering, but not every sound is valid. I’m in the position to launch less releases, but fitting all our interest.

9. Do you promote live events for your artist? If not, why don’t you?

No yet, but maybe in future when the project will be more established.

10. Do you have some funny stories about your experience in netaudio world that you’d like to share with us? 🙂

I don’t know if it’s funny, but sure it’s incredible the feeling of global community that you have in the very beginning when you enter in netaudio family. It’s great!

Thx Nacho/Dubkrauz for your time 🙂


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  1. Interesting interview..

  2. badro3n ha detto:

    thanks for the info…..nice blog bro. plizz reply me too


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