[EN] How-to Download Whole Netlabel Catalogues With Few Clicks: The Ultimate Guide / Example 1: Terminal Station

Did you ever wish to download tons of gigabytes of netlabel stuff in a painless way?  Ok, this guide is for you 🙂

I will show you all the coolest tricks to download whole netlabel catalogues with just some clicks 🙂 This guide will show you the basics of this “art” using one netlabel for episode 🙂 This is necessary, because every netlabel website has a different structure, so I will show you the most common cases you could stumble upon.

What do you need to follow this guide?
Mozilla Firefox browser;
DownThemAll extension.

Before proceeding with this guide, please install all the listed software. Let’s go!

Example 1: Terminal Station netlabel
In this example, I will show you how to download the whole catalogue of Terminal Station netlabel (while i’m writing, the last release is tsa-032) in a painless, organized and fast way.

1. Point your browser to the releases page of Terminal Station netlabel website;


2. Select the portion of the page in which the last published release links reside (in my case, tsa-032), right click, “Selection with DownThemAll” (it’s enlighted in the screenshot..):


3. Now you have two choices: you can download the release as a single archive file (in RAR format) or you can download it as a bunch of single mp3s; when I have both choices, I go for single mp3s, because I must not extract anything after download (-1 step to do) 🙂 Anyway, i will show you both cases:

To download releases as single mp3s (suggested approach):
a. type the destination folder path in field (2); i suggest you to use the scheme “netlabel url without www\release_code“: in this case ..\terminalstation.co.uk\tsa-032;
b. check fields (3a) and (3b), so DownThemAll with automagically select all the JPEG images (useful for cover image) and all the mp3 files linked in that portion of webpage, and it will show em in field (1);
c. when you are ready, you can both start the download (4a) or enqueue the files (4b) to download ‘em later (ex. during night)


To download releases as archives:


4. Both starting or enqueuing the downloads, you will get a window like this:


5. Do steps 2-3 for every release of the catalogue, until you arrive to the first one (tsa-001):



6. If you enqueued the files, you can start the download clicking on the button with “play” icon:


7. When DownThemAll ends its job, you will get a window like this:


8. Now you should have something like this in your Download folder:


If everything is fine, you have already did half of organizing work 🙂

Now you just have to tag tracks and listen to them 🙂

11 Responses to [EN] How-to Download Whole Netlabel Catalogues With Few Clicks: The Ultimate Guide / Example 1: Terminal Station

  1. deanbob ha detto:

    hey great article & nifty little trick i may try this when visiting other netlabels, also its ‘terminal station’ not ‘terminal sound’ lol but we appreciate the attention 🙂

  2. eldino ha detto:

    sorry, i will correct the article now 🙂

    • Craig Conlon ha detto:

      Hi, how are you? i have been sent to speak to you by dean form Terminalstation and he said to come speak to you to see if u had any info on the history of netlable. the reason i ask is because i am doing a uni assessment on .netlables and i am finding it hard to get the info on history of them. if u could shed some light on the subject it would have much love

      • eldino ha detto:

        Hi Craig, well I’m relatively new to netlabel scene (6-7 years) so what I know about the “history” of netaudio is mostly what I read online. I know what happened in the last 6-7 years of course, so I could answer to some questions (if you have any) about this period of time.

        By the way, to get an idea, I suggest you to browse all my blog, there are some articles that you could find useful as inputs (es. that one about the dead of Kikapu netlabel, historic netlabel).

        If you wanna continue the talk, I suggest you to mail me to: numbworks AT gmail.com, it’s easier than spamming our thoughts here 🙂

  3. sea.envy ha detto:

    this is a handy trick, BUT, just make sure you actually get a chance to listen to everything. i know from personal experience that when i go on downloading sprees i end up not really paying enough attention to each release individually.

  4. eldino ha detto:

    yes, that’s why you need a library-based music player like iTunes to give ratings to everything and give the right attention to the tracks. using players like winamp adding sttuff to the playlist in a random matter doesn’t work.

    for my experience (6 years old, 371gb+ of netlabel music), i can say that just downloading everything you can find the good stuff in the mountains of shit 🙂

  5. eldino ha detto:

    fixed! really dunno why i replaced “terminal station” with “terminal sound” when i wrote this post..:) human mind does bad jokes sometimes 🙂

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  8. brangkas708 ha detto:

    thxxxxxxxx really usefull 😉

    visit my blog http://brangkas708.wordpress.com to

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