[EN] A release a day keeps the netlabel fans away


Many netlabels admins have got a hurting habit: they publish a new release every few days. As Plosive, One netlabel admin, said to me some weeks ago on Efnet: “They don’t let releases breathe“.

I know these admins mostly act like this because they are too much enthusiastic and wish to reach 100th-200th-300th.. release as soon as possible, but this habit is a fucking boomerang, because:
– most people has not the time to download and listen a whole album every 2-3 days;
– you can’t grant decent quality filters on the music you release;
– you flood the netaudio scene;
– you just release every fart.mp3 that arrives in your inbox;
– seriusly FUCKER, you publish every FUCKING Fruityloops wannabe around, so the few great artists you (eventually) put hands on get submerged by a ton of shit, and it’s harder for fans to find the gems.

Enthusiasm is good, but publishing a new release every few days keeps the netlabel fans away, so let these fucking releases breathe a bit, such as for 1-2 months, and put your enthusiasm in other aspects of your netlabel, such as promotion. And please… start applying some quality filters on what you publish, we have enough trash in our scene 😉

A tired netlabel fan.

24 Responses to [EN] A release a day keeps the netlabel fans away

  1. Ariel Mandle ha detto:

    WORD. We all had bad experiences huntin’ for gems, because there’s SO MUCH JUNK out there.
    IT’s completely true that quantity pushes quality aside. Shit’s been pumping out like fucking water and we can’t discern the good choices with so much rubbish to choose from. ‘Nuff said.

  2. +1. I finally found myself browsing net labels like hunting mushrooms, sometime listening tons of tracks to only keep a few of them. That’s exactly what i want to avoid for my own netlabel.

  3. eldino ha detto:

    @Michael + Ariel
    thx for commenting 😉 im happy im not alone!

    Yeah, nice approach 🙂 I hope that more netlabel owners will follow your choice, i’m so tired of dowloadining 50 new releases every 2 months 😐

  4. Catching The Waves ha detto:

    But, but, “Fart” is the best track of the year. It’s been criminally ignored. 😉

    It is very difficult to sort the wheat from the chaff, particularly in something as subjective as music. That’s the thing about CC music; it’s the Wild West. There are no sheriffs, which makes it chaotic and fun.

    The better netlabels are wary of releasing too much, too often, but I like the fact that anyone, absolutely anyone, can shove music onto the net. I’m afraid we’ve made rods for our own backs. 🙂

  5. ini.itu ha detto:

    you are right in pointing that problem : overflow of releases. Another problem is the lack of high quality reviews of those releases. Vital Weekly recently stopped reviewing MP3 releases. It’s like nobody has time to stop up/downloading, listening and thinking for a while.

  6. eldino ha detto:

    yes, reviews are useful for who has not so much free time 🙂 im trying to solve this, but for the italian fans only at the moment..!

  7. ini.itu ha detto:

    indeed ! end-of-the-year lists could also be useful 🙂 that’s faster than reviews but still asks for some filtering 🙂

  8. dmyra ha detto:

    It may be a tad fascist that expulsion of feelings. i think as ini.itu said reviews are integral, and one of the two best tools, the other being download counts (non corrupt). it seems this is thought of as “uncool” by many, but, it says what people actually are taking the time to download. on the archive its very useful especially in conjunction with key words. i think this should be standardized for net releases. until such a time the actuality of disc activity will remain on the whole unclear

  9. beadmaze ha detto:

    “A release a day keeps the netlabel fans away.”
    this is an interesting opinion, but i miss any objective argument for this statement here.
    listeners having not much time won’t stay away from a netlabel, even if they can’t cope with the release-frequency.
    i’m always overwhelmed when i go to the clinicalarchives – there’s definately too much output, but i always come back because i like the music they’re releasing (most of it :)…

    and i agree with steve that it’s important to tell apart musical taste (“fart-music”) from netaudio-cricism.
    the great achievement of netaudio is freedom.
    the new currency is attention so there’s no need to stomp anything into the ground if it doesn’t fit your taste.
    just ignore it 🙂
    and i believe that’s exactly what most netlabel-admins do – providing music they like.

  10. eldino ha detto:

    mmh clinical archives is saturating netaudio so much that many artists have started thinking that CA is the only netlabel around.. over-visibility, you know.. that it’s not so good..

    and talking about personal taste, i’d save just 3 releases of their 333+ 🙂

  11. beadmaze ha detto:

    @ eldino
    i just think that argument does not work, because it makes no sense.
    as i said above: the one thing is individual musical taste and the other thing is criticism on strange behavior of netlabel-admins [releasing too much too often].
    mixing these statements does not make any useful argument.

    so what does keep you away from clinicalarchives?
    the release-frequency [as stated in the headline of this blog] or your musical smack?

    imagine a netlabel with the release-frequency of clinicalarchives which only releases music you love…
    would that keep you away from going there & download stuff?

    inaccurate: “A release a day keeps the netlabel fans away”

  12. eldino ha detto:

    ok, let’s explain 🙂

    the opinion about CA was a reply to what you said (“i like the music they’re releasing”) 🙂

    talking about the main topic, it’s not a matter of taste, it’s an objective matter, that’s why many people agree with me..:)

    a netlabel with the release-frequency of clinicalarchives which only releases music I love would keeep me away, yes… because it’s not human-friendly to release one new album every week.. we have social life and we need some time to listen to stuff 🙂 it’s really frustrating to see a blinking “new release! check it” every fucking week, it doesnt matter if you like or dont like it…

    and btw, multiply that “new release! check it” for 100-200 netlabels (CA is not the only over-active netlabel around).. CRAZY! *_*

    I’m not a casual listener, I’m a netlabel addict and i spend a lot of my free time for netaudio (check my netlabel music meter), but i really can’t stay updated, there is too much shit around, no filter, no a fucking optimized model to choose releases to publish (well, many good netlabels like a quiet bump, aerotone, thinner, ideology nave it… they share amazing releases with a human-compatible release-frequency..)

    The concept is that WE ARE NOT ROBOTS WITH EARS!

    And in my experience, high release frequency = low quality… because you just release every fucking demo you get in your mailbox, no filter, no choice, you just release every fucking shit… I’m a musician and i know very well how much time you need to produce a good track… these wannabes just do some whitenoise, tweek the cutoff, save as mp3 and publish.. come on 😉

  13. beadmaze ha detto:

    i agree with many of what you said here [“social-life”, “CRAZY!” …], BUT you can’t blame the medium you’re addicted to for overstraining your capacity of attention.

    it’s like in early gutenberg-times when people said: “stop printing books because nobody can read all of them in their lifetime!”

    just accept it and try to ignore what bothers you.


  14. beadmaze ha detto:

    btw. i don’t believe that you would keep away from a “clinical-archives” which releases only music you’d love…

    you might hate them, but you can’t ignore ‘em…

  15. eldino ha detto:

    Yes, indeed 🙂 but i’m not writing about this phenomena just because it bothers me, I’m not so childish and ego-centric 🙂

    Talking personally, I already developed some tricks to speed up a lot the download-organize-tag-listen process, so I reduced a lot the irritation that this “YEAH YEAH WE GONNA PUBLISH A RELEASE EVERY DAY” phenomena causes to me… for example, check tutorials like these:
    – how speeding up drastically the download of the releases (english): https://eldino.wordpress.com/2009/10/25/en-how-to-download-whole-netlabel-catalogues-with-few-clicks-the-ultimate-guide-example-2-surrealfreak/
    – how to tag and manage mp3s in a properly way (italian): https://eldino.wordpress.com/2008/07/19/it-come-gestire-efficientemente-interi-%20cataloghi-di-netlabels-usando-tagscanner-e-itunes-parte-12/

    ..and i will share many other tricks i use soon!

    Thx to these techniques I developed myself, I acquire releases very fast.. that’s why I got 400gb+ of properly tagged and organized netlabel music 🙂 and I have other 220Gb to organize! My goal is to have EVERY NETLABEL CATALOGUE ON MOTHER EARTH and I will accomplish it, soon or later 🙂

    Back in topic. The real reasons for which I’m trying to spread the word about this phenomena are more serious:
    – QUALITY: applying some quality filters to releases = more overall music quality = netaudio scene could be a real alternative to commercial music scene;
    – CAOS: applying some quality filters to releases = less wannabes around = less caos = less new listeners who gets LOST in this big sea of releases and leave asap the netaudio scene;
    – PAY ATTENTION: less releases = more attention by the listeners, more care by netlabel owners on the product (cover arts, booklets, promotion);
    – EQUAL VISIBILITY: actually some new artists give their stuff to Clinical Archives because they think that there is the only netlabel around, and this is no good! Releases saturation = over visibility = some netlabels in the light, and a lot more in the darkness.

    Being a netlabel owner interested to grant a decent quality to my listeners, I’d publish just releases I’d pay for 🙂

    As admin and listener, would you pay 10 euros for every Clinical Archives release? 🙂

    Free music must not be synonym of crappy music! That’s the message we netaudio addicts must build, in my opinion!

    about “i don’t believe that you would keep away from a “clinical-archives” which releases only music you’d love..” .. yes.. because i have not enough free time to staying updated 🙂 For example, I love A Quiet Bump and LCL, but i didnt download and listen to their last 3-4 releases yet, because I’m still listening the old ones and because I’m listening to other netlabels as well!

    You can stay updated if you follow just 10-15 netlabels, but if you want more is quite impossible!

    At the moment, I follow the whole netlabel scene, so I update the catalogues 1 time every 10-15 releases…

    And besides netaudio music, I listen to some generic Creative Commons music too, so..figure that out 😀

    Someday I have to hire 2-3 guys to download, organize and listen stuff for me 😀

  16. beadmaze ha detto:

    how much would you pay especially for “listening”?

    anyways i don’t understand your goal.
    do you archive only netlabels or any music released under creativecommons?
    or even every kind of free music [not copyrighted with “all rights reversed”]?

    i even doubt you’ll succeed when i look at the developement of netaudio – out of the electronic niche into the whole real-music-thing [imitating or replacing the previous commercial music-scene].

    but i think the main problem in your argumentation is that the netaudio-admins are not responsible for your quest for “quality”.
    they’re not forcing anyone to download their [or even “all” other] stuff.
    they’re free to do what they wanna do.
    that’s what i meant with freedom, too.
    everybody else can come along, have a listen and decide: this netlabel is only releasing “shit” i won’t download/archive any of their releases.
    but you “have to have it all” and you get angry that very much of this “have-to-have-it-all”-stuff is shit…
    it’s your goal that makes the problem, not the freedom of other people.

    btw. i love the down’em-all-addon and use it quite often for netlabels, but i have no experience on using this tagscanning-thing [happy & registered linux user #497874]…

    p.s.: i still think that your “less releases = more attention by the listeners”-arguement is exactly the same as saying “print less books that i’m able to read all of them!”

  17. beadmaze ha detto:

    p.p.s.: to me it was very interesting to see how the clinicalarchives-catalog is represented at last.fm
    just have a look at the secondary sites and find loads of releases without any listener…
    or are these files just tagged badly?

  18. eldino ha detto:

    I collect just netlabel music since 5-6 years 🙂 I listen to other kinds of free music but i don’t collect it maniacally like i do with netaudio 🙂 I kinda stopped listening to commercial music, because i don’t find “pure emotions” into it, just standard sequences of boredom made with Reason or Ableton Live. Some netaudio artists are the only kind of artists who still touch my heart and satisfy my taste 🙂

    Anyway, you use Linux, so you know the slogan “There are more Linux distros then Linux users”, right? It’s exactly the same thing: too much freedom = no responsability = caos = waste of human energy, webspace, bandwidth.

    Having just 6 distros would make Linux a lot better, because all the people would work on these 6 distros instead of wasting time and energy on Ubuntu or Debian derivates that doesn’t add anything to the original ones nor to the community.

    Most distros are Ubuntu + custom wallpapers and some more apps/applets installed by default. Anything innovative, anything new, just caos for beginners and waste of energy for the community.

    Some niche distros are innovative, useful and cool (Backtrack, Damn Small Linux, Puppy Linux..), but most user-made distros are shit or useless… what’s the sense of Mint Linux (for example) or SimpleMEPIS? There is no sense. Get Ubuntu or Debian instead 🙂

    Many user-made distros die after some releases tho, because enthusiasm dies. What a waste of energy for a user-driven community 😦

    What I mean is that freedom is indeed cool, but lacks of quality, lacks of order… expecially because it’s free (as in “gratis”), so everybody thinks like you said “it’s free.. do u like it? ok, get it! Don’t you like? Ok, shut the fuckin up, i dont care.”.

    In my opinion, this approach doesn’t bring us anywhere.. thinking like this will keep us in a niche 🙂

    Applying the Linux viewpoint to netaudio is making netaudio a second choice for artists… we are a secondhand scene, where also my butcher can publish a fucking album. “Any real label wants your album? No problem, give it to a netlabel and it surely will publish it!”

    Do we really want this? 🙂 Don’t we want to become a decent alternative to the crappy and old music biz?

    Commercial music quality nowadays is very crappy compared to 70s or 80s, so we netaudio guys could take its place, we could gain listeners, we could promote our fresh artists, we could give them the glory they deserve, we could promote innovative ways of music distribution and rights (download, Creative Commons), we could promote the sharing and remix philosophy on global scale…

    …think at your Peterloo Massacre! they do amazing music, they are far better than many contract trip-hop bands.. they deserve glory but they will never get it if netaudio keep being a fucking niche full of caos, noise and “freedom” 😉 And tons of beginners will never find that release in all this fucking caos!

    Freedom is ok, but we must leave it apart when it becomes fanatism, when it put us in a niche, or we will never evolve, we will never be a “market” 🙂

    Luckily many netlabels got it and started doing a serious filtering on what they publish (Aereotone, Aaaah Records, Thinner, A Quiet Bump, One, Ideology, Camomille..) but many other don’t do that or never thinked about it..

    I hope that spreading the word with this little blog will let some netlabels admins know or understand 🙂

    Btw, sorry for my poor english skillz, they are a bit inadequate to explain some of my opinions 😉

  19. eldino ha detto:

    ps. the last.fm thing is weird yeah! social network mysteries 😉 i’m on last.fm tho but i used it 2-3 times, so i’m not the right guy to ask to about it 🙂

  20. beadmaze ha detto:

    “Do we really want this?” [butchers from next door releasing their musical sausages in the www]

    yes, absolutely!

    that specific “freedom” is the main difference between the traditional music industry and netaudio and makes netaudio more thrilling.
    with applying the tradional “quality filters” of the commercial music industry to netaudio you deprive netaudio its main strength: “freedom” – netaudio would get as boring as the commercial music industry has become nowadays.

    i don’t mind the “shit”, realy.
    the “shit” makes the pearls shine much brighter.
    it’s the contrast which makes the difference.

    and i don’t agree that relatively to the amount of pearls the mass of “shit” has become larger these days.

    i really do enjoy the authentic netaudio-pearls much more than the plastic beads of the the commercial music industry…

    the great improvement of netaudio in opposition to “the old thing” is that it’s just not a “market”.
    would it be a “market” too it couldn’t be an alternative.

    however, i don’t really got your point of comparing linux-distros to netlabels or netaudio in general.
    i don’t think it’s a waste of energy/time/karma/bandwith/whatever to work on a linux-distro. in most of the cases this is just a kind of “hobby” and that’s ok.
    as well i think it’s no problem at all to have “hobby-music” in the netaudio-scene, even if it’s lousy stuff.

    if the only sense/meaning of MINTlinux is that the MINT-developers have fun of working on this distro i think that’s fine. just imagine these guys hanging around on windows, getting angry with it and starting to hack… 🙂

    to me linux is great because of it’s freedom, just as netaudio – including the freedom of choice.
    just try to ask a windows- or a mac-user about their freedom of choice! 😦

    btw. i’m on crunchbang #! [a very reduced version of ubuntu, with a strong beauty in it’s soberness…]
    and i don’t care about most of any other distros and have no problem with anyone working on puppy, guppy or muppy or whatever… 🙂
    i’m just grateful to the developer of #! to be able to use my computer without any security-issues and without having to pay for the software… [just as a listener should be grateful to the artists who gives his/her music under creative commons].

  21. beadmaze ha detto:

    allow me one more thought:
    just apply your “less releases = more attention by the listeners”-arguement not only to linux-distros but to the whole OS-market – and you’ll have only windows-users. they will all be able pay alot of attention to their bsods…
    sorry, but i’m much more interested in a majestic kernel-panic
    delete the freedom of choice and we’ll all listen to the top10-records-charts and all those king-of-poop-music… 😦

  22. eldino ha detto:

    nah personally i’d leave just debian, ubuntu, fedora, mandriva, gentoo and slackware as the big ones, and puppy linux, backtrack, damn small linux and some others like niche ones/specialized ones 🙂

    Linux could be a lot better (imho) if all the people would concentrate their efforts just into these ones 🙂

    About freedom: yeah freedom is cool and i agree with you 🙂 but freedom is not just enought for me 🙂 i want freedom + quality 🙂 a free shit.mp3 is just useless 🙂

    Different viewpoints i guess 😉

  23. beadmaze ha detto:

    [the following comment has nothing to do with netaudio]

    the big distros are as boring as big labels – they (have to!) appeal to as much people as possible, just like charts-music.
    personally i find the more interesting stuff (musically & “distro-cally”) in the niches…

    but maybe that’s just a matter of taste


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