[EN] The Most Stunning Female Vocals in the Netlabel World: a mixtape by eldino (free mp3)



I’m not a fan of mixtapes myself, I’m more into producing my own stuff instead of mixing other people’s tracks. Anyway, I have been asked to mix some Creative Commons tunes for op3n netlabel project, so here i am and this is my mixtape. Lemme explain some stuff about it first 🙂

Netaudio is mostly a guys-only world, but some amazing female artists and singers pop up from time to time with some awesome tracks. This mixtape is a high quality selection of atmospheric electronic music featuring female vocals, taken from various (and kinda famous) netlabels all around the world.

I tried to do my best applying my music production skills to the art of mixing tracks made by other artists, tweeking around with my lovely copy of Ableton Live. Instead of just crossfading tracks, I tried to experiment a bit using send/return, effects and slicing a bit the ends of some tracks using cut&paste.

I’m not into djing and this is my first serious mixtape, so be polite into judging these 51 minutes of chillin mixed music 🙂

01 – X-in – x440 – [cam078]
02 – Melissa Welch – Stuffing Like Revised – [cam076]
03 – Leche – Con Tu Sospiro – [TC001]
04 – Planet Boelex feat Lisa’s Antenna – Are You There? – [sfp01]
05 – Leon Somov – Butterfly – [Sutemos018]
06 – Tang Kai – Fly Away From This Place – [cam067]
07 – Bangguru – Losslove – [id014]
08 – Bobby Baby – Do Not Twist (Malmoe Sighs Remix) – [mh01]
09 – Zero Consequence – Avvolgente – [ca056]
10 – Fabryka – Hang on (or don’t go) (Acidhead Rmx) – [DHS0016]
11 – The Incognito Traveller – Chaleur – [mh04]
12 – X-in – x408 – [cam078]

You can download this mixtape (69mb):
– from Archive.org
– from Megaupload

Release page

The cover (front and back) has been made by me too. More info (pdf).

Enjoy the trip 😉



3 Responses to [EN] The Most Stunning Female Vocals in the Netlabel World: a mixtape by eldino (free mp3)

  1. dkeifer ha detto:

    Excellent idea. Great work!

  2. eldino ha detto:

    thx 🙂


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