[EN] How-to Download Whole Netlabel Catalogues With Few Clicks: The Ultimate Guide / Example 3: Earth Mantra

Did you ever wish to download tons of gigabytes of netlabel stuff in a painless way? Ok, this guide is for you 🙂

I will show you all the coolest tricks to download whole netlabel catalogues with just some clicks 🙂 This guide will show you the basics of this “art” using one netlabel for episode 🙂 This is necessary, because every netlabel website has a different structure, so I will show you the most common cases you could stumble upon.

What do you need to follow this guide?
Mozilla Firefox browser
DownThemAll extension

Before proceeding with this guide, please install all the listed software. Let’s go!

Example 3: Earth Mantra netlabel

At the moment, Earth Mantra netlabel has got 104 releases in its catalogue but we don’t really want to download all of them manually one by one like primitives, RIGHT? 🙂 I guess you need some hours just to put in your download manager queue all of them by hand 🙂 But we are smart and we are going to download the whole catalogue in a bunch of minutes!

1. Go to Releases Page and analyze the situation: clicking on some random releases, you will notice that all the download links follow the same url and filename schema:



We are lucky 🙂

2. Right click on the background and select “DownThemAll“, then click on the “Insert New URL” button (first button top left):

Add the following “special” url in the field (1):


add the destination folder path in the field (2) and click button (3) to start downloading or (4) to put the files in queue;

3. When you click buttons (3) or (4) a warning popup will appear: click on “Batch…” button:

4. Automagically, the whole catalogue of Earth Mantra releases is ready to be downloaded 🙂

Simple, isn’t? 🙂

When the download of all the releases is ended, you will get a folder with 104 ZIPs inside. If you want to batch extract them in a painless way, just follow this tutorial!

Ok, now you have got tons of free and legal music to listen to 🙂 Have a happy netaudio 🙂

6 Responses to [EN] How-to Download Whole Netlabel Catalogues With Few Clicks: The Ultimate Guide / Example 3: Earth Mantra

  1. beadmaze ha detto:

    this “special url”-trick seems really cool but will it also work if the netlabel allows derivations on archive.org?
    or do i get all versions then [ogg/vbr/64kbit]?
    does it only work if the files are stored under the same pattern? or does it only work this way with archive.org?

    mhhh, maybe i shouldn’t ask so much and just try…

  2. eldino ha detto:

    Well, with Earth Mantra we are lucky, because the baseurl is the same for all the files: http://www.archive.org/compress/earman … but it doesn’t happen so often! When u see “compress” in the baseurl, it means that archive.org will compress everything in the release page (mp3, mp3 vbr, ogg, xml, covers…) in a single zip, so maybe you will have to delete some files when you finish the download, but usually this is a less time-hungry task than download all the files manually.

    If you want to download just the mp3 or mp3 vbr or ogg zips (when available) you just can’t use this special url trick, because zips have different baseurls:



    Actually, DownThemAll doesn’t allow you to do stuff like:


    Well you can type this kind of url, but it will not work as expected (the two [] will not grow in sync) 🙂

  3. Darrell Burgan ha detto:

    Great tip! This actually will work for any netlabel that hosts its content on the Internet Archive (archive.org). Hope folks enjoy the Earth Mantra …

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