[EN] eldino’s Netlabel Moments 2009

2009 is just gone, so it’s the right moment to sum up some things, such as the “Top-5 Songs 2009” and “Top-5 Netlabels 2009”  for example. Of course, every year netlabels release too much good stuff to fit inside a simple Top-5 chart, so take a look to my reviews if you want bags of good free music. This post is only a funny way to welcome 2010, nothing more 🙂

As you probably noticed, for this article I borrowed the title (and the structure) of a Phlow Magazines famous series of posts: sorry Phlow guys for this little first-of-the-year joke ;P

Stop talking, it’s time for charting!

Top-5 Songs I Already Blogged About 2009

* Planet Boelex & Lisa’s Antenna – Are you there (ambient) / [sfp01]

* The Wind Whistles – Bats in Flight (indie rock) / [aaahh006]

* Entertainment For The Braindead – It Flew Away (acoustic) / [aaahh005]

* Universildo – Llave materna (ambient, glitch) / [hdm01]

Arrogalla Feat. Claudia Aru Carreras – Oi Till You Want (dub) / [LCL17]

Top-5 Songs I Didn’t Blog About 2009

* Tanox – The Burning Flowers (ambient) / [brh03]

* Koolmorf Widesen – Bow94 (dubstep) / [CF20]

* Dada & Faust – Babylon Escape (dubstep) / [PLANET005]

* Reflexicon – Lost (ambient, glitch) / [CF19]

* Synaecide – Venom (Feat. Emané) (trip-hop) / [IDMForums005]

Top-5 Netlabels 2009

* Aaahh-Records
* Breathe
* Libre Comme L’Air
* Planet Terror Records
* IDM Forums

Best Netlabel Artist 2009

* Entertainment For The Braindead

4 Responses to [EN] eldino’s Netlabel Moments 2009

  1. tontura rural ha detto:

    Dada & Faust…potente
    bom ano novo

  2. Arrogalla ha detto:

    love from sardinia island

  3. LCL_Netlabel ha detto:

    All the best for your projects in 2010 !

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