[EN] Two notes about netlabels’ way to pack their releases

There are some quite good indie-folk-tronica (indie rock + folk + electronic) netlabels around here that release very good music with vocals. But.. hey.. where are the lyrics? Netaudio scene is global, you know, so not everyone of us speaks english as an american or english dude, so why don’t you add a simple text file with lyrics inside every release? Some netaudio bands mantain a lyrics page on their webpages and it’s ok, we get lyrics from there, but many of them don’t, so we no-native speakers of English can’t fully apprecciate some releases that feature amazing music and amazing lyrics.  Adding a text file with lyrics inside your releases packages would be a quite nice move and demonstration of love for your fans. So, Aaahh Records & co., please, give us the lyrics we true fans deserve 🙂

The second request is for those netlabels that don’t upload/link single mp3s but just the complete release as zip file. We need single mp3s as well for two reasons. The first one is obvious: listing single mp3s in the release page means that you fan can get or pre-listen just the tracks you are interested in. In a world where streaming attitude roams over every land, giving to people the single mp3s will increase a lot your popularity. The second reason is blogger-releated. If we netaudio bloggers & activists want to review some of your releases, we can embed some mp3s in the post for promotional purpose. If you need some extra web space to upload single mp3s, you can point your browser to Archive.org, they are quite nice people 😉



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