[EN] Netaudio Diagrams 2011

As you probably know If you read this post, my netlabel music collection recently reached the 688 Gb mark, that means a lot of lovely, free and legal music 🙂 Now.. two years are passed since last Netaudio Diagrams, so I decided to do some statistics based on my library again, because I was really curious to know if things & trends have changed in the netaudio world.

As you see from the comparative image above, in the last two years things haven’t changed so much. The “Noise” genre (that stands for: Noise, Powernoise, Field Recordings, Landscapes, Experimental, Drones, Harsh Noise… and uncategorized music) still dominate the charts as the most relevant music genre in the scene, followed by IDM and Ambient (their percentages decreased a little bit, but not so much to be a relevant data). The “Noise” domination is not so surprising and it was somewhat expected…phew! :-/

What makes me full of hope for the netaudio next future is that little increase of Rock (+0.60%) and Downtempo (+0.19%) genres, that include some of the best releases I got my hands on in the past months. Please, more more more! 🙂

More numbers, charts and graphs in the complete study, that you can download for free clicking here: eldino’s Netaudio Diagrams 2011 (PDF)

Lemme know what ya think plz 😀


2 Responses to [EN] Netaudio Diagrams 2011

  1. John ha detto:

    Interesting study.

    Here at Toucan Music we are definitely nearer the mainstream side of the spectrum. It would be great to see an even wider variety of genres on your charts in two years time!

  2. eldino ha detto:

    Well, in the PDF there’s the “Other Genres” table that I guess already covers a big spectrum of genres, doesn’t it? 🙂

    Anyways, the next edition of my diagrams will feature a bigger amount of curious informations about netaudio, stay tuned 😉


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