[EN] Interview to Friction! from Bakery Allstars Inc. netlabel (Sweden)

For today’s interview I got in touch with Pierre (aka Friction!) from Bakery Allstars Inc., a new Swedish netlabel. Enjoy the meal 😉

1. Hi Pierre and welcome on “il blog di eldino”! 🙂 Can you tell me something about yourself?

Hi there. Something about myself? Well, my name is Pierre and I’m the guy running the new Swedish netlabel Bakery Allstars inc Netlabel. I’m also making music under the pseudonym Friction! and I have played in several bands during my years.

2. How and when was your project Bakery Allstars born in your mind?

I had been thinking about starting a new project after an art organization I had started up had run its course, but couldn’t quite put my fingers on what I wanted to do. One of my thoughts was of course starting a record label but I knew I didn’t want to start a regular label. This was before I heard about Creative Commons and knew nothing about the netlabel scene.

3. How and when did you approach the netlabel scene? Are you a netaudio music and creative commons-licensed music listener in your extra-Bakery Allstars time?

In February this year I noticed that an acquaintance of mine had released a record on the Swedish CC netlabel 23 seconds. When I started to look into what the label was all about I realized that it was exactly the same thing as I wanted to do. I’m not really a netaudio listener actually. =) There’s so much great, new music getting released all the time, both on regular labels and netlabels, that I find it hard to keep track of everything. I listen to all the music that’s sent to Bakery Allstars though.

4. Why did you decided to put so much time and effort into Bakery Allstars? What netlabels do you appreciate more in the scene? What netlabels are source of inspiration for you?

When it’s something you really like doing, putting time into it isn’t that big a deal, quite the opposite actually.The netlabel that has been my inspiration is the first one I came in touch with, 23 seconds. I’ve checked out their site many times to see how they do things and checked out many other sites via their link page.

5. In your opinion, what’s the differences (in terms of originality, innovation and creativity) between Bakery Allstars and the other netlabels, if any? What’s the strengh/killer features of Bakery Allstars? Is Bakery Allstars an one-man-project or do you have some collaborators (musicians, webdesigners..)?

I honestly don’t think there’s that much difference between Bakery Allstars and other netlabels. I’m not trying to make a unique label. I don’t think that should be the point. I’m just doing what I’m passionate about. And yes, it’s a one-man-project though I wouldn’t mind having collaborators in the future.

6. 1 million dollars question: do you think that the netlabels could become the evolution of the traditional music biz? Or do you think that the netlabels will rest an underground/niche reality because the lack of a proper way to make money in respect of both fans and artists? Do you think that netlabels play a central role in the so-called “Music 2.0” phenomenon (a modern, digital and web-based way to distribute music) or do you think that platforms like Beatpicks or eMusic will kick netlabels ass?

Unfortunately I don’t think netlabels will take over traditional labels because capitalism rules this world too much, which of course is very sad, but I hope that netlabels can co-exist alongside traditional labels and be a larger substitute more than an underground-scene. Or maybe the future is a hybrid between netlabels and regular labels? I don’t know.

7. What about the relationship between you and the artists who publish their works on your netlabel? Do you contact em or do they contact you? Do you promote just the indie music that comes from your city/region/country (local approach) or don’t you care a fuck about artists’ nationality (global approach)?

Since Bakery Allstars in a very young netlabel I’ve only released friends so far and my own music of course. =) The upcoming releases are also friends of mine but musicians from all over the world are welcome to send their songs to Bakery.

8.  Do you apply some quality filters to the music you are gonna publish or do you just publish everything you put your hands on? If you apply quality filters, how do you do it? What parametres do you consider?

I don’t wanna call it a ‘quality filter’ but more of a taste filter. Since the music I like is mostly lofi, indie, electro, alternative and soul that’s the kind of music I’m most likely to release.

9. Do you promote live events for your artist? If not, why don’t you?

At this stage, if a musician wanted me to promote a gig I would do that gladly, but since Bakery Allstars is so young this hasn’t happened yet. There are many things that will happen in the future and I’m looking forward to them all.

Thank you Pierre for your time 🙂



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