[EN] The easiest way ever to download and read manga on the Kindle


As I wrote here, I recently bought a Kindle 5 mostly to read manga on it (and some literature books of course, but that’s off topic).

It’s an awesome device, but because of the small screen size, you have to somewhat “adapt” your manga before copying them to your Kindle, in order to maximize the usage of the available screen area and the whole reading experience. Not so long time ago, you had to use tools such as Mangle to remove the extra-borders and the white spaces from the manga after the download, and it was really a painfull and long process to go thru. But nowadays things are better and a lot faster with the fantastic and ultra-easy method I will describe to you 🙂

You need:
– a Kindle capable to read .CBZ/.ZIP files (mine is a 5th Gen with Firmware 4.1.1 on it)
– a computer running Windows
– the freeware DomDomSoft Manga Downloader

1. download, install and launch DomDomSoft Manga Downloader;
2. in Options > Save to, set your download folder of choice:


3. in Options > Download, check “CBZ” as output format:


4. Options > Images, ask to the software to automatically reduce images height to 800px (the resolution of the Kindle 5 screen is 800×600, so it’s totally nonsense to make it displaying FullHD pictures), it will reduce a lot the size of the .CBZ; then check the “Trim white space..” option as well, to automatically optimize images for the Kindle small screen;


4. now download some manga chapters as usual:




5. copy the resultant .CBZ files to your Kindle and you are ready to read 🙂


In the following video you can see how manga downloaded following this guide look on my Kindle 5:

Extra tip:
To be updated about the new chapters of your favourite manga series, you can use the Mangahere.com subscribe function 🙂


3 Responses to [EN] The easiest way ever to download and read manga on the Kindle

  1. Michele ha detto:

    Ciao Eldino, ho una domanda per te:
    sono un appassionato del tuo blog e di fumetti (non di manga..mi piace DylanDog) e vorrei utilizzare il Kindle per leggeli..
    il problema è che ce li ho in pdf. e mi sembra di capire che questo fantastico programma li scarica da altri siti, ma io li ho già!
    hai qualche info per aiutarmi?
    grazie mille


  2. Michele ha detto:

    Better in English!
    Hi Eldino,
    I am a fan of your blog and of comics too. (I like DylanDog)
    I’dd like to use my Kindle to read them but I only have pdf-files.
    Have you got any suggestion/program that fits (and fixes) my situation?
    Thank you a lot,



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