[EN] Productivity tip: the importance of summarizing every exam of your life



Let’s say that you just passed an exam, got a certification or completed a course / training / other kind of education for which you studied hard for a couple of months. After the celebration of the event, it could be quite nice to have a seat and write down a short summary of the main topics, keywords and useful terminology that is convenient to remember regarding it. Your mind is still “fresh” about it, you still have the whole picture in mind and you haven’t archived yet all the books / material you used to study, so it’s the right time to do it. In some weeks you won’t remember mostly anything about it, but you could be in the situation in which showing up the opposite is essential. For example, when you apply for a new job, the employeer could ask you general questions regarding your certifications. Answering to those using the right keywords and with a firm behaviour will make you look professional and like an expert about that topic, also if you are not, and maybe it could lead you to get a job offer. Work life is all about selling ourselves at the best we can, and this tip could work well for the purpose with a little effort.