[EN] Some music made by me on Soundcloud…



The following topic isn’t really something I usually talk about, but I used to compose electronic music since I was seventeen (now I’m almost twice that). I always considered music as a personal, intimate thing, not something to use in order to elevate your social status with, to look cool with, to make profit out of it, or stuff like that. For me music is the best painkiller when anything else works, the ultimate form of comunication when words and gestures aren’t enough.

My last EP is dated 2011, and I didn’t compose anything since then. Then ca. one month ago I composed a new track, “Luce” (it means “Light” in Italian), and few days after a second new one, “Fourteen Days of Hope“, both tighly linked to some personal episodes. I decided to take advantage of these two new babies to give a try to Soundcloud, and see what kind of feedback I could get from the people of the Internet.

Point your browser to the following link, if you like: soundcloud.com/ladproject. And drop a line if my work gives you an emotion or two 🙂