[EN] iTunes for advanced users: how to take advantage of “Album Rating” tag


Since its introduction, the “Album Rating” tag behaviour and usage have not been totally clear, but it could indeed become a really powerful tool for sorting out your music collection even better, so let’s give a quick look to it. We already had the standard “Rating” tag, do we really need an “Album Rating” tag as well? Yes we do, and I will show you why.

If you are an avid music collector and cataloguer, and your collection is bigger than one terabyte like in my case, somewhen in your life you will need to create a “Best Albums” playlist, a subset of your collection that you would bring with you on the Moon. Creating a “Best Albums” playlist is not an easy task like creating a “Best Tracks” playlist, you need good evaluation skills to rely on. Considering just the single tracks ratings will bring you to a too much and cluttered “Best Albums” playlist.
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[IT] Come convertire la libreria di iTunes in formato CSV (Comma Separated Value)


Può essere utile, ai fini di statistiche et similia, disporre dei dati della propria libreria di iTunes in un formato universalmente accettato come il CSV (Comma Separated Value), che può essere importato e manipolato con una pletora di software.

Per convertire la libreria di iTunes in formato CSV è necessario:
1. aprire iTunes, cliccare con il tasto destro su “Musica” e scegliere “Esporta“:

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[EN] 500 Gb of netlabel music! + eldino’s Netlabel Releases Guide (free pdf) now out!


My personal collection of tagged/organized netlabel music passed the 500 Gb mark 🙂 Woah! 🙂 This is a great goal for me, because I spend tons of hours/week fixing, tagging, listening and rating music files, so I want to celebrate 🙂

So… Ladies and Gentlemen… the first edition of my “Netlabel Releases Guide” is out! It contains every single song of my collection and for every release it shows all the informations you can desire of: artist name, track title, album title with release code, track number, duration, genre and my personal ratings (from 1 to 5 stars).

You can think about eldino’s Netlabel Releases Guide as the Yellow Pages of netaudio scene 🙂
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[IT] iTunes Rating Criteria Table


Per iniziare a classificare la vostra collezione musicale, prima di tutto avrete bisogno di compilare una “lista” di criteri che vi serviranno per mantenere la classificazione coerente nel tempo. Basta creare una semplice tabella con 2 colonne e 5 righe con il vostro word processor preferito e scrivere al suo interno degli aggettivi/regole per ogni tipologia di voto. Il fatto di rifarvi sempre alla stessa tabella per classificare le vostre canzoni vi aiuterà a non farvi influenzare da emozioni o mode del momento (es. un anno vi stufate del rock e vorreste dare a qualsiasi canzone del genere, anche valida, il voto minimo).

Dopo anni passati a classificare vagonate di musica, mi sono reso conto di quanto sia proficuo utilizzare una tabella del genere, per cui, a titolo d’esempio, condivido con voi quella che mi sono creato io stesso in base ai miei gusti:

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[EN] iTunes Rating Criteria Table


If you are going to rate your music collection, you need to setup first a “list” of criteria you will use to accomplish the task in a coherent way. Create a simple 2 columns x 5 rows table with your favourite word processor and write some adjectives/rules inside it for every kind of rating. Using a table like this means that the ratings you will do in the future will have the same meaning of the ratings you did today or yesterday.

Here the criteria table I did for me recently:

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[EN] An eye-candy way to view, browse and listen your (netlabel) music collection


I’m an iTunes-addicted you know, but I’m always searching for new music players and new ways to view, catalogue and listen to my big music collection. Some weeks ago I was reading this post on Anything But iPod blog (subscribe its feeds, it’s a very interesting website) and I stumbled upon the following pic:

When I saw it, I said “Woah, that media player looks amazing! It could be very nice to setup that touchscreen music jukebox I’m thinking about since years!“. Well, that eye-candy and unknown mediaplayer potraited in the pic is Zune Software 4.0.

Zune Software is the iTunes-like application for managing Zune players and brings a really fresh and innovative user interface. I gave it a try and I think it could be a really nice graphical “front-end” for a well-tagged music collection like mine.

Talking about fuctions, it’s not complete, powerful and usable like iTunes, at least for maniacs/pro users like me, but a system with Zune Software as frontend + iTunes & Tagscanner as backend could work lovely as music jukebox.

As I said, I gave Zune Software a try with a bunch of netlabel music, and I did some screenshots I wanna share with you (click on thumbs to enlarge):
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[EN] Going straight to 400 gigabytes of netlabel music :-) Is mine the biggest netlabel music collection on Planet Earth?


The evolution:




My collection of properly tagged and rated netlabel music is going straight to the impressive size of 400 gigabytes… nice, isn’t? 🙂 If you want to figure out what “properly tagged and rated music” means, check the screenshots after the break (click on the thumbs for bigger images)!

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