[EN] How SFI and SAS work in Sweden, a.k.a. the full path to learn Swedish for free



If you live in Sweden since a while and you own a personnummer, you’ve surely heard about the possibility to go to school and learn Swedish for free. All the people around you mention quite often the word “SFI”, that stays for “Swedish for Immigrants” (Svenska för Invandrare), but a very small percentage of them knows that SFI is just the first step in a full learning path, about which there are not clear information in English on the Internet (neither on Swedish actually…). Or well, there were not…until now.

After many hours spent researching on-line, and asking in the Komvux of my little town, I finally understood how everything exactly works, and I´m glad to share everything with you in English, so that you can effectively plan your studying and boost your Swedish skills, that are quite nice to have if you live in this land. The Swedish learning path for foreigners conceived by Skolverket (Swedish National Agency of Education) is quite smart and well planned, but it needs a lot of effort by your side and a couple of years if you want to reach some results. The path I will describe in this post is the one valid at the moment of writing, year 2014-2015. Imagine it like a videogame, with a serie of achievements to reach in order to unlock the next ones.

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[EN] A quick review in English about NetOnNet.se



I don’t usually buy gadgets on swedish e-commerce websites, because the prices are quite higher than ordering on Amazon or eBay (or than buying them when I go back to Italy), but a couple of weeks ago I decided to give them a try, since I needed a laptop with quite a lot of urgency. After maniacally stalking Priskakt for a couple of weeks, I decided to buy my new laptop on NetOnNet, one of the biggest websites available in Sweden regarding computers and peripherals. Ordering and payment processes have been as expected, it’s a reputable website after all, so I would go for it again if needed.


The only little “complain” is about their handling time. It took almost three days for them to ship the package from their warehouse (placed in Börås), and after that less the two days to reach my hands (using the free, slow shipping included in the price, not the fast one for 79 kr). Being habit to Amazon or eBay sellers who ship the package the next morning, or the same day, a package handling time of almost three days looks quite anachronistic to me. My order was made of just a laptop and a pendrive, both in stock and available.

I think that speeding up the handling process would make NetOnNet almost perfect (apart lowering a bit the prices of some stuff, like pendrives), imho 🙂

[IT] …E sono quattro!


Yeah babies, avete letto bene, oggi “il blog di eldinocompie quattro lunghi anni di pubblicazioni ininterrotte 😀 Buon compleanno!

Io lo festeggerò in Svezia, dove sto trascorrendo una manciata di giorni alla disperata ricerca di fortuna o idee imprenditoriali a “rubare” o di un futuro diverso dalla miseria che circonda noi giovani (pluri-)laureati rimasti ancora in Italia e vittime inermi di precariato e berlusconismi. Perchè proprio la Svezia? Perchè tutto funziona, perchè è una nazione nei primi posti di qualsiasi classifica positiva, perchè non vi è corruzione ma meritocrazia, perchè non ti devi litigare persino in fila alla Posta e per mille altri motivi che non sto qui a dirvi, ma su cui probabilmente ritornerò a parlare meglio in uno dei prossimi posts.

Se siete nell’area di Stoccolma, Norrkoping, Nykoping etc, inviatemi una mail, dovrei riuscire ad accederci, ho il mio bel netbook con me e le wifi gratuite non dovrebbero mancare nel freddo Nord 😉