[EN] An eye-candy way to view, browse and listen your (netlabel) music collection


I’m an iTunes-addicted you know, but I’m always searching for new music players and new ways to view, catalogue and listen to my big music collection. Some weeks ago I was reading this post on Anything But iPod blog (subscribe its feeds, it’s a very interesting website) and I stumbled upon the following pic:

When I saw it, I said “Woah, that media player looks amazing! It could be very nice to setup that touchscreen music jukebox I’m thinking about since years!“. Well, that eye-candy and unknown mediaplayer potraited in the pic is Zune Software 4.0.

Zune Software is the iTunes-like application for managing Zune players and brings a really fresh and innovative user interface. I gave it a try and I think it could be a really nice graphical “front-end” for a well-tagged music collection like mine.

Talking about fuctions, it’s not complete, powerful and usable like iTunes, at least for maniacs/pro users like me, but a system with Zune Software as frontend + iTunes & Tagscanner as backend could work lovely as music jukebox.

As I said, I gave Zune Software a try with a bunch of netlabel music, and I did some screenshots I wanna share with you (click on thumbs to enlarge):
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