[EN] A release a day keeps the netlabel fans away



Many netlabels admins have got a hurting habit: they publish a new release every few days. As Plosive, One netlabel admin, said to me some weeks ago on Efnet: “They don’t let releases breathe“.

I know these admins mostly act like this because they are too much enthusiastic and wish to reach 100th-200th-300th.. release as soon as possible, but this habit is a fucking boomerang, because:
– most people has not the time to download and listen a whole album every 2-3 days;
– you can’t grant decent quality filters on the music you release;
– you flood the netaudio scene;
– you just release every fart.mp3 that arrives in your inbox;
– seriusly FUCKER, you publish every FUCKING Fruityloops wannabe around, so the few great artists you (eventually) put hands on get submerged by a ton of shit, and it’s harder for fans to find the gems.
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