[IT] Come aprire una netlabel / Copertine coerenti, inspirazione gratuita Pt. 4/4


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Stadt Gruen

Surreal Freak

Test Tube

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[IT] Bye Bye Autoplate netlabel



La netlabel Autoplate, gestita dagli stessi admin di Thinner e dedita alla pubblicazione di musica ambient ed elettro-acustica, chiude ufficialmente in bocchettoni dopo 50 releases ed un rilancio annunciato da mesi, atteso ma mai avvenuto. Era prevedibile ed inevitabile.

Approfondimento: http://phlow-magazine.com/feature/1039-autoplate-waves-goodbye

[IT] Qualche ulteriore riflessione (in italiano) in merito al post “Constraints to overcome towards the “total” Netlabel” e alla mia risposta (in inglese) ad esso


This contains some bonus comments by me about Thinnerism’s “Constraints to overcome towards the “total” Netlabel” article that are not contained into the english reply (read it here). I wrote these bonus comments in italian-only, because my english is not good enough to write ‘em properly in english. Sorry dudes.


Non so se tutti voi masticate l’inglese e non so se abbiate letto la mia risposta al vetriolo al post “Constraints to overcome towards the “total” Netlabel” (“Limiti da superare per diventare la netlabel definitiva“) apparso sul blog Thinnerism recentemente. Se non lo avete letto, trovate un modo di farlo (usate il dislessico Google Traslate, affittate un traduttore, imparate l’inglese con quei corsi farlocchi del tipo: “Impara l’inglese in 24 ore“…) e successivamente ritornate a questo post, perché ho altre robe da dire in merito.
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[EN] My reply to Thinnerism’s “Constraints to overcome towards the “total” Netlabel” article



Sebastian Redenz, one of the guys behind Thinner netlabel and Thinnerism blog, wrote a long article today about why Thinner will soon become a music platform with both free and paid downloads. A mutant netlabel or sort of.

He wrote:

As from THN104 thinner will be offering paid downloads next to occasional Netlabel releases. The free Netlabel itself continues to release original music for free, no simple derivates from the paid releases.

Complete article here (it’s worth the read):

In my opinion, this decision is good for djs and listeners who don’t know netaudio or don’t like to spend tons of hours browsing for free good music or reading underground blogs about best releases, and so they buy lot of digital downloads from Beatports and similar stores, where you get easy “Top 10 Techno Songs of the Week“-like charts and you have just to click “Buy” buttons. In the future, these users will see netaudio tunes side-by-side with famous tunes and they will be happy to spend money for them. Thinner will earn some money and both admins and artists will be happy.

Fine, but what’s about us, netaudio lovers? We love netaudio movement because it’s free and good, because it’s a modern way to share and promote music, because it’s culture, because we can often legally remix the tunes if we like, because we can discover and be fans of unknown artists… What about us? We have to start to pay for what we got for free until now or we have to move on, that’s all. Nobody cared about us in this decision.

Below the comment I posted on Thinnerism blog:

This is a sad post and I agree with just some parts of it. Paid downloads can be a future for you, but I will not be part of it, sorry, neither I will support this decision on my blog.

Netaudio is good because it’s an alternative to common music biz, not a fashion version of it (“oh yeah I buy tracks on Beatport, im so cool”). Netaudio is not just a bunch of tracks, it’s a way of life, a culture, the flag of user-generated contents.

There is still so much netlabel music to download and listen for free that makes no sense paying for yours. I love many THN releases, I love you guys for you work and I always support your label and your articles, but I will not be part of your project, at least in the near future.

Many good netlabels born everyday and many old netlabels need to be discovered, there is a lot of free music I still miss in my 316Gb netaudio collection, so I have enough stuff to listen for free for the next 2-3 years at-least 😉

For me, netlabel addict, makes no sense to pay for netlabel music since there is a free alternative.

Paid downloads will be useful only to ppl who is not into netaudio and that does shopping on Beatport.

Sorry If my words sounded harsh, but i’m very sad for what u wrote.

My 2 cents.

Rubèn (aka eldino)

Will you start paying for your lovely netaudio stuff or will you just keep downloading it for free from free netlabels?